2009 IPD Team SXR Build

Phase 1 | Disassemble & Paint
Phase 1 Details: For 2009 Image Pro Design chose to go with a brand new Kawasaki SXR platform bought from Walt’s Motorsports and Marine in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Many people under estimate the SXR in racing now, but we at Image Pro Design believe that with the correct handling and motor package, great things can be achieved with a Kawasaki SXR. This build will mainly focus on APBA rules with last minute changes being made to suit he IJSBA rulebook for the World Finals in early October.

Yet again, we hired Chris Hagest of ProWatercraft.com to work his magic on the Kawasaki’s hull. Many little modifications were done, on everything from the stock ride plate to the R&D intake grate, and a custom “one of set” of front sponsons, were molded into the front of the boat. With all the small renders throughout the hull, it makes for a very big difference in the handling characteristics, typically found in the Kawasaki SXR. This ski can charge hard and drive through even the roughest wind chop.
Phase 2 | Main White Graphic Installation
Phase 2 Details: With all the hull work behind us, we looked to develop a stout motor package. We chose to stick to the stock bore size instead of going to the big bore spec that was introduced recently. We feel not enough testing has been done yet to put concrete findings on paper that could make us turn to the Big Bore for more power. The motor took on a fresh rebuild of all OEM Kawasaki insides. All was replaced from the pistons down to the crank. We did not want to leave any room for mechanical error during a race. For a head we chose to go with the TBM girdled setup for its renowned head design of easy installation and top quality machining. When we decided on a compression spec we looked to the 26cc drop down domes which would net us right around 210psi on this bore. At 210psi we can safely run 110 octane with no detonation issues as well as keeping the whole package reliable for the season.

For an intake setup Image Pro Design chose to go with the world renowned Ed Brazina and his Full Spectrum 50mm twin carbs. These carbs come already matched to the intake as well as bench flow tested with the Boyesen Reed Valves for optimum performance.
Phase 3 | Installation of Main Gold Peices
Phase 3 Details: The ignition we chose this year was the newest Advent Ignition setup by an outside source for curve selection. This curve spec was designed to be the most aggressive available without causing internal piston damage.

For aesthetics we wanted to use this platform to unveil our newest IPD kit for the SXR. With countless hours of designing and templating into this kit, we knew we had finally hit the nail on the head. The idea was to create a look that was aggressive while sitting on the beach as well as crossing he finish line leading the pack. We feel this was accomplished with the new IPD Team Kit. To compliment our new kit, we went with the best for tray pads, Jet Trim out of Lake Havasu City, Arizona. With veteran skill in creating some of the best looking ski mats in the business, its no wonder Jet Trim has been around for many years. Gary decided to throw down some of his best work yet for our newest team boat and it shows.
Phase 4 | Final Installation of Graphics
Phase 4 Details: Coming Soon...Please Check Back
Phase 5 | Reassembly of Ski
Phase 5 Details: Coming Soon...Please Check Back