Thank you for purchasing an IPD Graphic Kit! We’re extremely excited to ship your order so please upload and send a few photos of your boat that we need so can finish up!

The above photo is an example of an accurately centered image. Notice the center of the bump-rail (HORIZONTALLY & VERTICALLY) is the center point for the photo.

The photo directly above is an example of an image NOT taken from the correct perspective. Notice by looking at the tower that the image was taken from too far forward, and notice that the far side of the windshield is much lower than the side closest to the camera, which means it was shot from too low a vantage point.


  • Stand back far away from the boat so that it doesn’t skew the outer-edges of the boat.
  • Center the picture directly at the center of the bump-rail (HORIZONTALLY & VERTICALLY!)
  • Look at parts that you can see on both sides of the boat, such as the windshield, and make sure that the opposite side closely lines up with the side closest to the camera.
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  • Accepted file types: jpg, Max. file size: 256 MB.
    Photos that aren't perfectly centered according to the requirements shown above, will be rejected.